Thank you for your interest in being Higher Powered. Welcome to the exciting evolution of NAPT's data driven decision-making (3D) project, which we now call Apollo®.  This brand new subscription-based service has been created by NAPT to help school transportation directors and school business officials make decisions about equipment, training and much more.

Apollo® is a series of interrelated and connected software applications that will take raw data and turn it into information that will truly help you improve and expedite decision making. Data entry is easy and the analytics are targeted to fit the needs of districts of all sizes. 

Learn more about NAPT's Apollo by watching this video.

Why Apollo®?

It's Easy to Use

NAPT's Apollo® is configured to accommodate the unique needs of school transportation service providers. With multiple functions – like user-to-user messaging and a Project Center, among others – accessible through a single interface, you can generate reports and manage routine tasks with a few clicks of your mouse.

It's Specific

Want to know your maintenance cost per mile? It's in there. How about average driver cost? Yup, NAPT's Apollo® has that too.  There are a total of 36 metrics in Apollo® essential alone.  And there's lots of other features too, all of which have been specifically designed to meet your needs.

It's Comprehensive

NAPT's Apollo® can help you save time, increase productivity, increase efficiency, improve compliance and internal controls, improve transparency, support strategic planning, and enable powerful decision-making.

It's Affordable

Many business intelligence (BI) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms require a significant up-front and on-going investment of both financial and human resources.  NAPT's Apollo® costs less than a set of new tires.  Modules that let you drill down deep more than 250+ total data points into your finances, your fleet, your safety performance, and operations in general are about the same price.  In addition, regular and costly upgrades that are common with other systems are FREE. 

Apollo will be available to the general public in early 2017.

We invite you to find out how NAPT's Apollo® can help you achieve more in less time and for less cost.

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