Value of Professional Certification

Professional certification provides personal satisfaction for attaining a recognized level of achievement within your profession. It demonstrates your commitment to the requirements of your job and participation in additional training to exemplify your dedication to do the best possible job in the pupil transportation field.

By becoming certified, you're entitled to use a designation that recognizes your accomplishment and commitment to the profession. This unique professional status will also be shared with the membership of NAPT and with prospective employers when requested. In addition, your name, certification status, and pertinent data will be included in the Register of Certified Pupil Transportation Personnel which will be available upon request to individuals responsible for recruiting professional talent in the public transportation field.

Certification Types

How to Become Certified

Click here for the Application for Professional Certification. The application must be submitted along with documentation supporting educational background and expertise in the selected certification category.

Once received in headquarters, the application is reviewed to ensure that all required documentation has been submitted and contains evidence of knowledge, skill, proficiency, and responsibility in the appropriate professional category. The review and evaluation of the application and related materials is completed within two months of the date the application is received.

Certification FAQs

What are the educational requirements?

Each category has its own educational qualifications. The combination of education, training, and experience differentiates the types of certification.

What documentation is required?

Each category of certification requires copies of certificates, diplomas, awards, references, verification of memberships, and an application reflecting achievements by the candidate. All documentation must be submitted as described in the instructions in the application.

Is there a fee?

The current fee for certification enrollment, application and exam is $50 (U.S. funds) for members of NAPT. Non members must pay a fee of $150 (U.S. funds), which includes their NAPT membership fee for one year. The CSNT (Certified Special Needs Transportation) has an additional $35 surcharge for the cost of the online exam. The certification fee is used for processing and is non-refundable. Click here for the NAPT Certification Application. 

The fees for NAPT members to attend PDS courses are $20 (in person) and $40 (online). PDS courses at the NAPT Summit are available at no charge to current NAPT members. 

Non member fees to attend the courses are $50 (in person) and $100 (online). 

Are there any tests to be taken for certification?

Candidates must pass a written examination. Examination questions are based on content from NAPT-approved workshops, government regulations and reference materials. Examination times and locations are arranged on an individually convenient basis. A candidate must take an exam within nine months of the time he/she is approved to take the exam or the candidate must re-apply entirely.

What reference materials may be studied in preparation for the examination?

Recommended publications are:

What additional materials may be studied in preparation for the CSNT examination?

Recertification Process

Every three years an NAPT Certified Member must complete a recertification process. This process includes accumulating a certain amount of points (depending on their level of certification) and submitting that form along with a method of payment to NAPT.

Certain ways to accumulate "points" would be maintaining your annual NAPT membership (one point each year for three points total over three years), or attending NAPT PDS classes, volunteering in other organizations, or membership in a local, state, or national committee.

Click here for the NAPT Recertification Form