State Affiliate Membership

State Associations interested in affiliating with NAPT may do so for an annual fee of just $200, which entitles them to the following benefits:

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NAPT Education Partner

For an additional fee, State Affiliate members of NAPT can also become an NAPT Education Partner by purchasing a license (or licenses) to offer NAPT PDS classes. The license will enable the course sponsor to offer the course without restriction on the number of attendees and with no obligation to collect money from them on behalf of NAPT. Please Note: Course sponsors may, at their discretion, choose to collect a course registration fee to recoup expenses, make a profit or both.

The fee structure is as follows:

Course content will not be distributed until the license fee is paid to NAPT. Instructors will be solicited by NAPT in accordance with NAPT's instructor selection process, which is a competitive bid. If the NAPT Education Partner does not want to use any of the available NAPT PDS instructors, the NAPT Education Partner may use another instructor if he/she is approved beforehand as a Subject Matter Expert by the NAPT Professional Development Committee. An instructor application is available on the NAPT website.

The course sponsor must pay all expenses for the instructor with the exception of the instructor stipend, which will be paid by NAPT. Instructors will be provided with specific directions for collecting information (including course attendance) and are responsible for returning this information directly to NAPT. All materials must be returned to NAPT before the instructor will receive his/her stipend from NAPT. NAPT Education Partners will be required to announce and advertise a course offering by email using a template provided by NAPT; NAPT will also announce and advertise every course offering in its publications.

PDS course attendees may pre-register and pay in advance to receive a course completion certificate directly from NAPT. This will relieve our Education Partners of a financial burden and allow NAPT to more accurately and efficiently update our member's Professional Development profile in the NAPT Member portal.

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Conference Registration & Logistics

Finally, State Affiliates of NAPT can also purchase meeting registration and logistics support that includes online registration with multiple payment options (including electronic funds transfer) and reports that track registration by type and date submitted. If a state affiliate is willing to use the NAPT registration template, the fee is $1,500. The fee for the more detailed customized registration ranges from $2,500 to $4,000, depending on the staff time involved.

For additional information, or if you have questions about membership, contact NAPT's Membership Specialist Brianne Peck at 800.989.6278 or